Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beyond the Golden Age of Latin American Cumbia

Depends on how you look at it, but many of these songs could easily be seen as being bad.

1. I love the first one
2. The second one is bizarre (a song about an El Salvadorean dish)
3. The third one looks like it takes place at a Peruvian high school dance for adults
4. The fourth one has no redeeming qualities besides the singer's hair
5. In the fifth one you see the girl from behind way more than you do her face
6. Watch for the audience's enthusiasm in the sixth one
7. I got a little carried away. This is the third video in this post from Los Ronisch, the Bolivian cumbia superstars.

1. Adrian y los Dados Negros, "Tarjetita de Invitacion"

2. La Chanchona de Tito Mira, "El Chuco"
El Salvador

3. Agua Marina, "Viviré Para Amarte"

4. Rafaga, "Mentirosa"

5. Los Ronisch, "Amigo Traiga Cerveza"

6. Los Ronisch, "Prefiero Estar Lejos"

7. Los Ronisch, "Soledad Disco"

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