Monday, August 17, 2009

"La Pasión de Gabriel" & Colombian Film

The other day I went to see this very good film here in Bogotá called La Pasión de Gabriel. The Colombian film industry is on the rise.
The film is about a priest who has been assigned to a small mountain village. He is having an affair with a beautiful woman. The town also has a problem with the FARC (the guerrillas). Many of the young men in town are recruited by the FARC, who live in the forest in the hills surrounding the town, and Gabriel, the priest, is vehemently opposed to this. Not because he is anti-FARC, per se, but because he sees that joining the FARC is a dead-end - and very potentially fatal - for these boys.

The film is funny, beautifully shot, features great dialogue, is very Colombian, and also deals with some heavy issues very nimbly. Highly recommend it!
The l time I had seen a Colombian film was Our Lady of the Assassins, a low budget, violent (pretty interesting, but depressing) film. It seems the Colombian film industry has matured - and production quality appears to be way up.

I was also at Exito, basically Colombia's version of Target, and bought another film - Paraíso Travel - that my cousin was highly recommending. It's about some Colombians who I believe sneak into the US and end up in Queens.

Here is a song I liked from the soundtrack of La Pasión de Gabriel, "Como Te Voy a Decirlo" by Luis Silva.

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