Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael Jackson Interview with Oprah

Thanks to Alexis for leading me to this. I remember it vaguely from childhood, but watching it now is a revelation. I will quote Alexis:

The 1993 interview he did with Oprah. Really really intense and fascinating stuff. He seems so lucid, so terrified, so loving and forgiving, so on the brink. When he talks about his sprituality in part six 7:28, my heart breaks. Also, the beatboxing to Who Am I? at part six 1:52 is priceless. I like to believe that he was extremely intelligent and well-read from Margo Jefferson’s On Michael Jackson (excellent essential read btw) and this article. It’s comforting to keep that in in mind before watching…

So here is the whole thing, piecemeal, from YouTube. Thanks to miriamblah1 for posting it.

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