Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazing Repository of Colombian Music Online

Africolombia is run by a guy named Fabian in Colombia who scans and uploads cover art and records - painstakingly, one by one - of old Colombian (and Colombian-influenced African and pan-Latin American) imprints, creating an amazing, slowly but ever-increasing resource of Colombian music on the internet. It's quite a popular site, with each song being downloaded hundreds of times (at least) by users throughout the world.

I love the simplicity of the task, the fact that scanning and uploading the records must take so long (he acknowledges that it does, with his slow internet connection) - and also the focus of the task: afro-Colombian music, admittedly a narrow-sounding genre, and yet one that even Fabian could never hope to fully document. But he is quite an expert, and the website offers an amazing resource for anyone interested in Colombia music, or Latin music in general.

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