Friday, February 27, 2009

Japanese Emoticons

As anyone who has ever done text messaging with Japanese people knows, Japanese emoticons are highly advanced, and make English ones (for example: ;) :( :) :p ) ... look insanely idiotic.

I wanted to know how to say "sugoi" in emoticons in Japanese. So I looked it up and found the (a) goldmine of Japanese "e-moji", which means "picture letters" (絵文字). This is the site, Kaomojiya.

When you go there, the left hand column are categories: greetings, happy, fun, sad, unpleasant, tired, love, daily life (e.g., toilet), events, angry, and more. Then on the right are more specifics. I wanted something fun, so I went to 楽しい, ("tanoshii"), meaning "fun." I chose the 2nd to last one, 踊る・歌う, which means "singing and dancing."

Click. Jackpot.

Here's a line dance:

Para Para:
へ( ̄_ ̄へ)(ノ ̄_ ̄)ノ パラパラ♪

I think this is stretching:

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